Global Program

Global Program Business

Global Program Business

The head office in Japan manages and visualizes risk (e.g. fire insurance, liability insurance) centrally for our client's global locations and negotiates premium comprehensively. We offer a full range of support options, helping to strengthen client's risk management capabilities, sorting risks, and creating insurance hedge compensation guidelines for various countries at the program development stage to mitigate risk when launching programs. After programs are launched, we also support clients in determining the best insurance global approach in each country and assist with incident response when incidents occur.

What makes our service special

We design the most suitable insurance products
We provide timely information from locations overseas
We perform global loss prevention activities
We assist clients in dealing with insurance claims overseas

Benefits of introducing a global program

  • Toyota Tsusho Insurance Management's head office in Japan manages risk at locations overseas centrally.
    This makes it easier for clients to see the risks their locations overseas face and allows them to hedge risks on a global level. It also eliminates regional discrepancies, coverage omissions and other gaps caused by differences in countries’ insurance regulations.
  • Reduce routine tasks in each country
    The head office in Japan negotiates insurance contracts in each country as a group, reducing the volume of routine tasks involved in insurance contracts in the various countries where clients operate.
  • Optimize insurance premium costs
    By maximizing economies of scale, we can leverage the global insurance market’s competition and underwriting capacity to design insurance products that are exactly right.
  • Faster information coordination with locations worldwide
    When an incident occurs at a site overseas, our group collects and coordinates information between countries, shares accurate information with clients quickly and provides support and advice all the way until the insurance is paid out.

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