Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance

As IT becomes more advanced the IoT becomes a reality, cyber risks increase year by year.

To cope with the greater number of cyber risks involved as cyber-attacks evolve and become more sophisticated, Toyota Tsusho Insurance Management prepares ways for companies to visualize their risks and insure against it to compensate for any loss.

In addition to arranging insurance, we also offer a full range of services from pre-incident strategies such as response training for targeted email attacks, risk diagnosis and the formulation of crisis management plans to post-incident measures such as responding to lawsuits and preventing recurrence.

Our Service Features

We design the most suitable insurance products
We calculate a rough estimate of maximum expected loss ※We cooperate with business partners
We formulate incident prevention service programs
We formulate insurance programs that cover locations overseas
We provide information on cyber risks

Details of compensation

We design the most suitable insurance products to match our clients’ requirements and can transfer insurance for all kinds of risks including liability risk, business interruption risk and cost damage risk.

In addition to designing insurance products, we can also provide an advisory service when selecting cyber insurance and offer consulting services such as risk assessment and analysis, and loss control.

Cyber attack risk

Responding to cyber attacks costs companies a lot of money.

Data on leaks of personal information in 2017

Victims of leaks 5,198,142
Incidents 386
Total amount of damages (estimated) 191,427.42 million JPY
Number of victims per incident 14,894
Average amount
of damages per incident (estimated)
548.5 million JPY

Source:NPO Corporation Japan Network Security Association
(2017 Investigation into Information Security Incidents - Personal Information Leak Edition)

2016 Data on leaks of personal information

Forensic costs Around 19 million JPY
Victim notification expenses Around 18 million JPY
Establishing a call center・
Consulting fees
Around 30 million JPY
Monitoring costs Around 11 million JPY
Total costs Around 78 million JPY

Source:2016 Investigative Report, NetDiligence
(Extract from the average itemized costs of data leaks at global companies in USA. Exchange rate: USD $1 = JPY ¥105)


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