Commercial Insurance Business
(General Risk/Special Risk)

We use the experience and know-how developed from providing insurance to the Toyota Group as a foundation to design the ideal insurance products to meet our domestic client's requirements for commercial insurance (general risk, special risk). We are capable of developing comprehensive insurance programs for large-scale businesses.

In addition to insurance product design, we also offer a wide range of consulting services including risk surveys and analysis, risk consulting, loss control and insurance contract reviews. Moreover, instead of insisting on using only our own resources, we are happy to select suitable partners and form necessary alliances according to our client's wishes. By building a service structure that respects the client's existing systems, we can provide customized services that fit each client's needs and circumstances perfectly.


Global Program Business

The head office in Japan manages and visualizes risk (e.g. fire insurance, liability insurance) centrally for all our client's global locations, and also negotiates premium comprehensively.
We offer a full range of support options, helping to strengthen client's risk management capabilities, sorting risks, and creating insurance hedge compensation guidelines for various countries at the program development stage to mitigate risk when launching programs. After programs are launched, we also support clients in determining the best insurance global approach in each country and assist with incident response when incidents occur.

Project Insurance Business

We take advantage of our wealth of experience in arranging insurance for large-scale plant projects for overseas companies to offer support for the following kinds of international projects.

  • Electric power (conventional power), wind power, solar power, hydroelectric power (renewable energy)
  • Oil and gas development
  • Transportation infrastructure (railways, bridges, roads, harbors, airports, etc)
  • Commercial facilities and buildings

We have direct access to the international reinsurance market in places like London, Singapore and the Middle East, so we guarantee the most suitable insurance coverage and offer competitive premium for each project.


Captive Business

Captive insurance is an alternative to self-insurance in which a parent group or groups create a licensed insurance company to provide coverage for itself The main purpose of doing so is to avoid using traditional commercial insurance companies, which have volatile pricing and may not meet the specific needs of the company.

By creating their own insurance company, the parent company can reduce their costs, insure difficult risks, have direct access to reinsurance markets, and increase cash flow. We have 2 captive insurance companies in Singapore and Micronesia.

We can provide some proposal for you throgh using the experience and know-how developed from operating own companies.


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